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PWG Annual Expo 2016

Firearms Expo with California Community Members was a Huge Success Hundreds of Petitions Signed by Gun Owners and Supporters From raising 4,300 pounds of food for the San Diego Food Bank, getting hundreds of petitions signed to Veto Gunmageddon, to the many fun-filled...

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Election-2016 Prop 63

Vote to Prevent Proposed Anti-Gun Laws Poway Encourages California Residents to Vote Even if you aren't thrilled about what's happening in national politics, San Diego based Second Amendment enthusiasts encourage Californians to make a stance against Prop 63 in the...

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Personal Protection Inside the Home Class

Complete Firearms Training for Personal Protection at Home Protect You and your Family at Home Do you practice your shooting here and there, but want to be completely prepared when it comes to protecting yourself inside your own home? PWG's Personal Protection Inside...

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PWG Talking “Safety For All Act” on The Brody File

Learn How to Protect Yourself Using Firearms Everyone has the Right to Bear Arms PWG's Natasha Sweatte speaks with The Brody File about how the Second Amendment is under attack in California, as voters get closer to making their voices heard in the November election...

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CCW Training Class

Learn Correct Handgun Techniques from Professionals Well, lawmakers weren’t kidding when it comes to enacting strict gun laws here in California. I love my state and am proud to be born and raised in such a sunny, happy place. Now, while I may consider myself a very...

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San Diego Concealed Carry Law Controversy

Law Controversy on Concealed Carry of Handguns After the recent Peruta v. San Diego case, many have lost hope in the ability to carry concealed in America's Finest City. However, one San Diego based lawyer, who is a San Diego County Gun Owners Board Member, is holding...

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Orlando Massacre at Pulse Nightclub

Carrying a Weapon Could Save your Life Orlando's horrific massacre isn't about politics, yet it's unfortunate many came right out of the gate using this sensitive time of mourning to instead push their agenda. While the investigation is still in its early stages, PWG...

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“Gunpocalypse” Anti-Gun Bills

Will Disarming People be the Solution? Hearings surrounding "Gunpocalypse," the group of anti-gun bills are being heard in the California Legislature this morning by various committees in the State Senate and Assembly. PWG breaks down AB 2607, authored by Assembly...

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Gun Owners Cleaning Up the Community

Gun Owners Work Together to Clean the Community It's a common occurrence to stereotype gun owners, often times in a negative light.  No, we're not all one person.  We're educated.  We're informed and we care about our community. Here is a perfect example of why you...

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