Carrying a Weapon Could Save your Life

Orlando’s horrific massacre isn’t about politics, yet it’s unfortunate many came right out of the gate using this sensitive time of mourning to instead push their agenda.

While the investigation is still in its early stages, PWG would like to extend their love and support to the victim’s families left devastated by someone’s horrendous acts.

Everyone around the country is paying their respects to the 49 victims tragically lost in the horrific Orlando Massacre.
On the opposite side of the country here in San Diego, in the heart of Hillcrest, you can see the overwhelming support for those who were taken much too soon with candles, heart-felt notes and pictures.
While the investigation is still in its early stages, all of us at PWG want to stay out of the politics, while spreading love and support to the victims and their loved ones who were left behind.

Firearms Can Ultimately Provide More Safety

The awful acts of one man is causing many to take a closer look at our country’s intelligence.

“Don’t let fear become disabling. Channel that anxiety into awareness,” said James Comey, in a nationwide address following Orlando’s tragedy.

The horrifying acts are also opening up the political discussion.

“The shooter was apparently armed with a handgun and a powerful assault rifle,” President Obama pointed out, arguing the importance of gun control in the United States.

On the other side of the spectrum, Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP Presidential nominee said if more people were armed Sunday, there’s a greater chance that less people would have died.
“The room was full of innocent people and you had no guns on the other side,” said Trump in an address following the massacre.

And Trump doesn’t stand alone.

“We have to fight fire with fire,” said Gary Buzel, a retired Police Officer.
Buzel said what he learned from an Israeli Defense Force Counter Terrorism Officer stands out to him most.

“He said you guys don’t know what terrorism is,” Buzel laughed.

He believes more of that type of tactical training would help officers here at home fight extreme situations.
But it’s not to say the off-duty police officer working at Pulse Night Club the morning of the attack, or the two responding officers had an easy task aiming at Omar Mateen.

“I still hear my instructors at the police academy saying ‘watch your backdrop, watch your backdrop,” Buzel explained.
This echoes one of the four basic rules of firearm safety; to be sure of your target and its surroundings. You’re the one ultimately responsible for where that bullet ends up, intentional or not.

“It’s not just fire away like he’s doing at them; it’s more of a tactical based target acquisition you’re going to check that backdrop to make sure it’s safe to pull that trigger,” said Buzel.

Buzel believes having an armed person inside the club, who was properly trained, could have ultimately provided more safety.

“It’s stopping the person that is legitimately carrying a weapon and that person is not a threat to society; the threat to society are these people like Omar Mateen,” said Buzel.

One thing is for sure- you can never get enough training.

“There’s nothing else most people do in their lives whether it be going to school or certain jobs that could ever simulate actual combat,” Buzel explained.

Florida has more concealed carry permits than anywhere in the nation. However, by law, certain private businesses or places that serve alcohol don’t allow anyone to carry.
PWG contacted the Pulse Night Club owners, as well as the Orlando Police Department to confirm the club was in fact a “gun-free zone,” and we have yet to receive a response.

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