Dear PWG Members, Friends and Guests,

We have been teasing a big announcement, so it is time to explain what we are up to. Some of you may know, many of you will be shocked, and most of you will be appalled…but 2019 starts a new way of life for those of us who live in California. Below are two new ammunition laws that begin in 2019. The first is that California will start tracking EVERY ROUND OF AMMUNITION YOU BUY. Absurd as it sounds…it is true.

So here is the plan!

Starting Black Friday, PWG is going

to have a


We will have 1 million rounds (or more!) of ammunition in our VIP lounge available for everyone to come in and stock up on. This ammunition will be sold by the case or pack. The pricing we have negotiated with Winchester Ammunition is the best pricing I have seen in our industry since 2008 price levels. To make it even more exciting, we are packaging some of the ammunition with free or highly discounted accessories,

just to incentivize you all to take action.

My hope is that we all will all be taking home cases and cases of ammunition; stockpile whatever we can. Let’s make Kalifornia have to work hard to figure out what we actually have for ammunition in our homes. I truly believe if we move 1 Million rounds of ammunition we can make a real statement to the politian’s and the general public that this law, like so many other California laws, is simply ridiculous.

So, start building up your ammunition savings account. Pricing will be announced with our Black Friday Sale announcement @noon on November 21st.  Sales start at when the doors open on the 23rd. We will keep selling all we can until the ammunition runs out or we hit December 31st. After that, you are on your own against California.

Here is what AB 962 says will happen next:

  • Beginning July 1, 2019, licensed ammunition vendors will be required to record, maintain, and report to DOJ records of ammunition sales, in a manner similar to dealer’s records of sales (DROS) for firearms purchases.13 Proposition 63 will require that these records be kept confidential except for use by law enforcement for law enforcement purposes. The DOJ will be required to maintain a database of ammunition sale records, similar to the DROS database for firearms.
  • Beginning July 1, 2019, a licensed ammunition vendor will generally be prohibited from selling or transferring ammunition until first conducting a background check to verify that the person receiving the ammunition is legally eligible.16 If the vendor is a licensed firearms dealer, he or she can also sell ammunition in the same transaction as a firearm with only the firearm background check required

Please don’t wait until the last minute to buy your ammunition. We are doing this Million Round Month before the ammunition prices start going up, which they will when people buying bulk at the last minute. The pricing we received for this promotion was because we are planning ahead. Let’s make a big statement, maybe we can get people to take notice and even rethink the insanity.

With regards,

John Phillips

Founder & President

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