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1-on-1 Firearm Sessions to Empower Your Story with Personal Instruction

Whether you are brand new to the world of firearms, a seasoned marksman, or simply need a guide to help you along your journey, we at PWG have you covered. Private lessons take you out of the classroom and onto the range for some personalized one on one training that is tailored specifically to you and your firearms training needs. Let your training begin and contact one of our instructors today!

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 Private Training Available

Steve Villariasa

Instructor Steve has over 27 years of shooting and teaching experience.  He was in the US Army, a Police Sergeant, and a Firearms Instructor for the Police Department.  He is also still employed at the Palomar Police Academy teaching several disciplines.

Instructor Steve specializes in training students at the basic to advanced level.

Contact Steve at

John Woo

Instructor John has over 28 years of shooting and teaching experience.  He was a US Marine and a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice.  John is a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and was a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. 
John takes great pride in teaching people to safely handle firearms as they develop new skills on their journey to becoming responsibly armed Americans.

Instructor John specializes in training students at the basic to advanced level.

Contact John Woo at

Achieve Your Personal / Professional Goals in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Firearms Training!

Advanced Level Training Packages

When it comes to life it can get busy. And it can be difficult to take eight hours out of your day, and even tougher to dedicate an entire 2 days to get your California Concealed Weapons Permit at PWG. This is why we are providing you with a solution with private 1-0n-1 training for Concealed American (CCW 8-Hour) and CCW 4-Hour Recertification class for the Pre-SB2 Sheriff regulations and the NEW SB2 Concealed American (CCW 16-Hour) and CCW 8-Hour Recertification class.

When you sign up you will receive:

– A personalized experience with our trainers
– Your personalized schedule planned out for you
– Custom Training to fit your busy lifestyle.

Check out these classes currently offered:

Pre-SB2 (8hr) Private 1-on-1
Concealed American Class
Pre-SB2 Private 1-on-1
CCW 4-Hour Recertification Class
No longer available
SB2 Private 1-on-1
Concealed American 16-Hour Class
SB2 Private 1-on-1
CCW 8-Hour Recertification Class

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