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1-on-1 Firearm Sessions to Empower Your Story with Personal Instruction

Whether you are brand new to the world of firearms, a seasoned marksman, or simply need a guide to help you along your journey, we at PWG have you covered. Private lessons take you out of the classroom and onto the range for some personalized one on one training that is tailored specifically to you and your firearms training needs. Let your training begin and contact one of our instructors today!

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David Bucsit

Lead Firearms / Tactics / CCW Instructor

David is the Lead Instructor of the Training Unit and has been with PWG since August of 2019.  He has over 25 years of firearms experience as a Private Contractor, retired San Diego Police Officer, and as a former U.S. Navy Corpsman.  David has trained Police Officers, Military members, and Private Security Officers all over the world in Firearms Tactics, Combat Medicine, and Counter-Terrorism.  David specializes in training students at the Intermediate to Advanced Marksmanship level.

David specializes in training students at the Intermediate to Advanced Marksmanship level.

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Tom Fitzgerald

Firearms Instructor

Tom has been with PWG since November 2020.  He has 30 years of firearms experience as a retired San Diego Sheriff’s Sergeant and has countless hours of instructing San Diego Law Enforcement Recruits, Department of Defense Police Recruits, and Cross-fit students.

Tom specializes in training students at the Basic to Intermediate Marksmanship level.

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Michael Petrasso

Firearms Instructor

Michael is a former US Marine Corps Infantryman and Executive Protection Agent.  He has over five years of instruction experience in both the military and civilian sectors.

Michael specializes in training students of all levels.

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Lee Smith
Instructor Smith has over 35 years of shooting and teaching experience.  He was a San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputy, competitive shooter, and Hunter Safety Instructor.  He has extensive experience with revolvers, the 1911 platform, and multiple hunting platforms.

Instructor Smith specializes in training students at the basic to intermediate level.

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Achieve Your Personal / Professional Goals in Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Firearms Training!

Advanced Level Training Packages

When it comes to life it can get busy. And it can be difficult to take four hours out of your day, and even tougher to dedicate an entire day to get your California Concealed Weapons Permit at PWG. Which is why we are providing you with a solution with private 1-0n-1 training for Concealed American (CCW) and CCW 4-Hour Recertification class.

When you sign up you will receive:

– A personalized experience with our trainers
– Your own personalized schedule planned out for you
– Custom Training to fit you busy lifestyle.

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Check out these classes currently offered:

Private 1-on-1
Concealed American Class
Private 1-on-1
CCW 4-Hour Recertification Class

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