Learn Correct Handgun Techniques from Professionals

Well, lawmakers weren’t kidding when it comes to enacting strict gun laws here in California. I love my state and am proud to be born and raised in such a sunny, happy place. Now, while I may consider myself a very content individual, it doesn’t mean this place is crime free. In fact, I have witnessed many horrific instances covering breaking news as a journalist, so I can say there is a significant amount of chaos here firsthand.

That’s why I don’t understand the stringent laws, especially when it comes to the right of concealed carry. Time and time again, statistics prove crime goes down when law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves against criminals.

Get Informed About Concealed Carry of Weapons

Our strict laws very much reflected in our Carry Concealed Weapons course at Poway Weapons and Gear Range. While everyone may not receive the green light from the Sheriff in their city to legally carry outside their homes, we here at PWG want to equip you with the knowledge anyhow. Lawmakers can’t stop us from learning, right?

We begin the eight-hour course with an intense lecture full of hard-hitting facts. The many scenarios given by the instructor makes you really think about what you would do when placed in a petrifying circumstance. Throughout the course, the instructor drills us on the fact that the use of lethal force is ONLY used as a last resort when you fear for your life. Check your attitude at the door, and get it in your head that materials can be replaced, as this only applies to the preservation of life.

After a break, we get into the back of the classroom to practice drawing from a holster. Learning this technique correctly, and being able to execute it quickly can be life saving.

We then move our class to the 50-yard range. My, it’s nice to have options of which length of a range we’d like to use! We go through a few timed drills before taking our qualification test for PWG, which is MUCH more difficult than the qualification test you must pass for the Sheriff’s Concealed Carry test. We change out our target for the Sheriff’s qualification test and follow instructions we hear through our IFB headset under our ear muffs. Yes, it’s such a nice perk to actually be able to hear your instructor in the range! We go through our required shooting as the instructors observe.

We head back to the classroom to take our test in order to receive our CCW. This only applies to those who received approval from the Sheriff. However, you can apply for a CCW in Florida, which is recognized in 37 other states.

It was a great experience, and I always welcome any kind of useful knowledge when it comes to firearms. Even if I only learned one little technique I didn’t know before, it could ultimately save my life, or the life of someone I love.

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