Open to the Public for First-Time Shooters, Expert Training, and Development

PWG Range is an indoor facility with 8 lanes on our 100-yard range!

The Largest Shooting Range on the West Coast

Open to the public and members!


PWG Range is the largest indoor shooting range in San Diego County and the third-largest indoor range in America that is open to the public! We are a destination for first-time shooters and firearm enthusiasts alike with:

– 42 Lanes (Allowing up to three shooters per lane at one time.)
– A Stunning 42,000 Square Foot Facility
– 25, 50, and 100 Yard State-of-the-Art Indoor Shooting Range

Members receive FREE Reservations  |  Non-Member Reservation Fee $5 (Non-Refundable)
Maximum caliber on all ranges is 0.50 BMG.
You must have a valid government state ID or passport with you as it is needed to enter the range.  



– The largest firearm store in San Diego County! (Over $1 million in inventory)
– A VIP Member Lounge
– Two Training / Conference Rooms
– A Full Service Gunsmith Shop
– Three Individually Isolated Ranges (Featuring 360 Degree Targeting and Tactical Training)

Lane Rentals (for non-members only)

Open to the public!   |   Up to 3 People Allowed Per Lane

Members receive FREE Reservations   |   Non-Members Reservation is a $5 Non-refundable Fee

  Up to .50BMG Caliber Allowed. You must have a valid government state ID or passport with you as it is needed to rent lane.

* Dynamic Draw is when you are drawing from a holster.



Don’t have your own firearm or simply don’t want to bring your own? Rent a firearm at the range! We have a variety to choose from and it is fun to try new experiences! More importantly, if you are planning to make a firearm purchase, we highly recommend trying a few different ones to see how it feels in your hands. This will help you choose the one that feels right for your needs when you decide to purchase. Handguns and long guns are available to rent!


Here at PWG Range, we welcome new guests and members. Our mission is to provide a safe, knowledgeable, and professional atmosphere for people to learn proper gun handling, care, and treatment. We will give you the proper training to handle firearms with care through our various firearm training courses.

Our experienced staff will teach you proper gun respect and handling for your time at the range. Before coming, it’s important to review the Range Rules. These not only make PWG Range efficient, but it also ensures everyone’s safety at the range. It is required to complete our waiver online which includes a range safety video. This process does take up to 15 minutes and we highly recommend completing the range waiver before arriving at the range.
For more about what to expect for your first visit, check out our blog post on What to Expect at an Indoor Shooting Range.

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