Premium Firearms Training Facility

Designed from the ground up to be one of the country’s premier indoor shooting ranges and training facilities.

Experience our Shooting Range

The experience we want our customers to have when they come to our facility is to arrive at a “destination.”  We have over 3,000 square feet of retail space hosting over $1 Million in inventory, a VIP member lounge, two separate training/conference rooms, a gunsmith shop, and three individually isolated ranges all with 360 degree, tactical targetry.

Improve your Firearm Skills

The ranges and technology utilized allow us to provide vast education and training for anyone willing to invest their time in refining their skills.

The range also offers a fleet of rental firearms. Renting firearms is a great way to try out different brands and models of guns when selecting a firearm that is just right for you.

Did you know:
Rent a firearm from us and purchase a firearm the same day. Then.
present your rental receipt and the rental fee will be credited to your firearm purchase!

We believe that our new retail center will stand above all other gun stores in Southern California and that our ranges with the technology incorporated will be unrivaled west of the Mississippi.  Our new facility is the premier gun store for the entire west coast.


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