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Our memberships are extremely popular with everyone from the first-time shooter to the lifetime enthusiast. Below are the most common questions and answers.

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What is included with the Caliber Membership?
The Ultimate Experience.  Please contact us at memberships@weaponsandgear.com for more information.

Are there contracts for monthly memberships?
The monthly memberships are month to month. However, there is an initiation fee at the beginning of your first month, which will not be charged again unless there is a lapse in your monthly fees.

If I have a Silver Membership, how much will it cost me to shoot on the 100 yard range?
Silver members are exclusive members of the 25 yard range. If a member would like to shoot on another  range, they would have to pay the normal lane fees.

How often can corporations change the names on their corporate membership listing?
Once a year on the anniversary date of their initial purchase.

Who would I contact about throwing an event?
We offer an array of events from corporate team building, birthday parties, to bachelor/bachelorette parties and much, much more! Just tell us your vision and we can plan it and see it through to the end. Please contact The Events Department for more information. Events@weponsandgear.com

How are renewals for annual memberships handled?
Annual memberships will automatically be charged to the credit card on file.  Should you decide to cancel an annual membership, simply give us 30 days notice, and we will ensure the charge is not processed.

What is needed to purchase a membership?
A driver’s license and payment in full.  That’s it!
Note, anyone who uses the range will be required to read annual safety paperwork, as well as take a written safety test to use the range.

How can I apply for a membership?
Membership information and the application is available on our website. You can read about the different types of memberships we offer and complete the application at your convenience in store or online. Please click, call, or come in to learn more about our membership opportunities. If you have any questions, please email memberships@pwgrange.com 24/7.

What is the “Family Plan?”
The Family Plan is an add-on plan that allows family living with the Member to have access to the range under the Member’s privileges. The Family Plan is exclusive to our Caliber and Platinum Level Memberships. The Member does not need to be present for members of his/her family to use the range. However, discounts will not be applicable to the family members, only the original paying member.

How many guests can be on one lane with a member or non-member?
Caliber, Founding and Platinum Members can have two guests on their lane at no extra charge. Gold  Members are able to have one guest on their lane at no extra charge.  Non-members may have two additional guests, however, the guests will pay half of the rate for the lane.

What if I want to upgrade from a lower membership to a more exclusive membership during a visit?  Will my prior fees be prorated and applied?
Yes, we can either apply the unused portion of your current annual membership the new upgraded membership price, or allow you to upgrade to the monthly membership option with a substantial discount.

How much are reservations?
Members do not pay for the first lane, but will pay $5 per lane thereafter. Non-members pay $5 per lane reservation.

I am not sure I’ll shoot enough to warrant a membership. Do I need one?
We warmly welcome the general public. However, please note that our membership programs are designed to pay for itself if you plan to shoot more than once per month or more than two hours per month.  You also receive discounts on in-house purchases, including firearms, ammunition, accessories, and classes.

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