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What is California Senate Bill 1006?

Firearm Violence in California Threatens Gun Owners Rights Gun Owners have the Right to Hold onto their Freedom! The University of California system is supporting a bill written by California State Senator Lois Wolk. What’s it all about? Well you might have heard of...

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Natasha Sweatte on America Trends

Women have the Right to Protect Themselves Natasha from Poway Supports the Second Amendment Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Rick Amato on America Trends to discuss the need for women to know how to protect ourselves.

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Because I’m Not a Victim

You have the Right to Bear Arms for Personal Protection Improve your Firearm Skills and Protect Yourself at Home PWG's Natasha Sweatte opens up and shares her story, as to how the unthinkable can happen when we least expect it.

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Murder Rises In Another Gun-Control Poster City

Murder Rises In Another Gun-Control Poster City

Tighter Gun Restrictions Disrupt Responsible Gun Owners Gun Control Laws Tighten Up After Rising Number of Homicides A new report examines why cities with hefty gun-control laws such as Los Angeles and Chicago are seeing a dramatic rise in homicides. While police...

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GoPro – IDPA San Diego at PWGR

Live GoPro Footage of Firearms Training View our Fully Equipped Training Facility Join us at Poway Weapons and Gear Range on the 1st Friday and 3rd Sunday of each Month for IDPA San Diego!

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