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New Targetry System for our Indoor Range

Poway Weapons & Gear (PWG), the largest indoor gun range on the west coast and San Diego's premier gun range, has announced that it will be unveiling a new indoor targetry system on July 22, 2017, at PWG's Annual Charity Expo. The new reactive targetry system...

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How to Get the Most From Shopping at a Gun Store

Finding Everything You Need at the Gun Store While gun stores are best known for selling firearms, there is a range of other products that most gun stores will carry. Based on their unique market and products, these stores also have a number of other products that are...

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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Gunsmithing

Everything You Need to Know About Gunsmithing! While many people have a clear image come to mind when they think of blacksmithing, not many of us know what to envision when we think of gunsmithing. When it boils down to it, gunsmiths are modern day blacksmiths,...

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Why Firearms Training is Important for Your Safety

What You Need to Know About Firearm Training While firearms are perfectly safe when handled with proper care, attention, and education, they can obviously pose a danger to those using them and anyone around them if mishandled.   The reason firearms training is so...

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Using an Indoor Shooting Range

What You Can Expect When Visiting an Indoor Shooting Range Going to an indoor shooting range can be intimidating the first time. It’s difficult to know what’s expected and prepare accordingly. In order to help you know what to expect and how to fit in during your...

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Black Friday Shopping and AR Conversions

Get your Firearms on Sale during Black Friday   Test Firearms during Black Friday and Receive Great Deals! Thousands flocked to Poway Weapons and Gear for the Black Friday deals. CW6 San Diego caught some of the action on camera, and...

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PWG’s Defensive Handgun class

You will Feel Confident Operating Firearms Under Stress after this Course Take Handgun Training to the Next Level! Our Defensive Handgun class is the first step in becoming a more advanced shooter. Students will learn newskills while reinforce prior class lessonswhich...

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PWG’s Youth Safety and Marksmanship Course

Youth Learn Gun Safety with our Trained Professionals Youth Learn to Operate Firearms with Proper Training If you want to empower your children when it comes to firearm safety, our Youth Marksmanship class is for you! Our trained professionals will walk your kids...

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PWG Annual Expo on CW 6 News

PWG Annual Expo was a Success! Firearms Shopping and Shooting CW 6's Gary Buzel covers PWG's Annual Expo, and looks into why so many people lined up to sign petitions regarding Veto Gunmageddon.

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