San Diego Concealed Carry Law Controversy

San Diego Concealed Carry Law Controversy

Law Controversy on Concealed Carry of Handguns After the recent Peruta v. San Diego case, many have lost hope in the ability to carry concealed in America’s Finest City. However, one San Diego based lawyer, who is a San Diego County Gun Owners Board Member, is...

Orlando Massacre at Pulse Nightclub

Carrying a Weapon Could Save your Life Orlando’s horrific massacre isn’t about politics, yet it’s unfortunate many came right out of the gate using this sensitive time of mourning to instead push their agenda. While the investigation is still in its...

Natasha Sweatte on America Trends

Women have the Right to Protect Themselves Natasha from Poway Supports the Second Amendment Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Rick Amato on America Trends to discuss the need for women to know how to protect ourselves.
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