New Gun Range and Training Facility Opening

Poway, CA – Poway Weapons & Gear, a federally licensed retail firearms dealer, announced today that on August 23rd, 2014 it will be opening its new range & training facility. The Poway Weapons & Gear Range is a 42,000 square foot, $8 Million facility will be one of the newest, high-end gun ranges to open in the country and will be among one of the largest. The new range is located in Poway, a sub-division of San Diego California.

“Our facility is more than a retail shop and gun range. We are a training center for civilian, military and law enforcement alike,” explains John Phillips, President and Founder of the Poway Weapons & Gear Range. The indoor facility has 42 lanes divided up into three separate ranges of 25, 50 and 100 yards respectively. Additionally, it has two classrooms supporting over 40 students at a time and a retail space of over 3,000 square feet hosting over $1 Million of inventory.

Phillips has planned for the future as well, “It is very likely that California is going to go through a significant change with the concealed carry law being re-written. We have built an environment that will ensure responsible education and training for anyone qualified to carry concealed firearms in California.” Phillips is responding to reports that as many as 1.3 Million people will be applying for concealed carry permits throughout California should the recent 9th circuit court of appeals decision become law.

Learn Proper Firearm Techniques and Improve your Shooting Skills

Poway Weapons has invested in state-of-the-art tactical target, sound suppression technology and HEPA air filtration systems all of which separate this range from any competitor in the western half of the United States. Each lane will have IPAD like displays to control the targets as well as responding to each customers individual needs, such as ordering more ammunition or targets, delivered right to members the lane, through individual member login capabilities.

“People who visit and train at the Poway Weapons & Gear range will quickly appreciate that we have created a place for the entire family to feel comfortable. Our range is about enabling anyone to learn about firearms and expand their skill set regardless of their age or background,” continues Phillips. “We want people to feel free empowered to walk in the door knowing nothing about firearms and trusting us to help introduce them to gun ownership, safety and personal security.”

The retail pro-shop will host the dozens of manufactures of firearms such as Glock, Springfield Armory, Smith & Wesson while also offering accessory lines like 5.11, Oakley and Magpul just to name a few.

The grand opening will be Saturday August 23rd and starts at 10am. The opening is quickly turning into an event with national name brand vendors such and SpringField Armory, Heckler & Koch and Mossberg already planning to take over the Poway Weapons Parking lot to set up booths and displays for customers to see the newest and current product offerings. Drawings and give aways will be abundant all day as well.

For questions or follow up, contact Poway Weapons & Gear at or (855) The-Range or (855) 843-7264. Also

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