Get your Firearms on Sale during Black Friday


Test Firearms during Black Friday and Receive Great Deals!

Thousands flocked to Poway Weapons and Gear for the Black Friday deals.
CW6 San Diego caught some of the action on camera, and couldn’t help but notice the enthusiasm rallied around people purchasing rifles, particularly AR-15s.
As Prop 63 and other anti-gun laws go into effect January 1, 2017, AR conversions were on the top of mind for many customers.
Those who want to keep their rifles “as is” must register their firearms as “assault weapons” come 2017.
However, those who don’t want to resister can alter their firearm to make it “featureless” and legal come the new year.
PWG offers all conversion kits to do it yourself, or you can have one of our gunsmiths do it for you!
Be sure to inquire about our holiday specials for the Thorsten Stock, MonsterMan Grips, and Hammerhead Grips!

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