PWG Range Class

Defensive Handgun

Learn Proper Handgun Safety and Techniques

Learn Safe Handgun Use for Self-Defense

Defensive Handgun is designed for the beginning level shooter that wants to expand on basic skills and fundamentals taught in prior entry level classes. This class is designed for students who are interested in the safe and effective use of a handgun for self-defense. Students will learn new skills while reinforce prior class lessons which are critical in a defensive situation.Students will also be exposed to using their firearms in controlled but stressful environments.

Topics covered and skills reinforced:
1. Basic Firearm Safety
2. Magazine Changes
3. Proper Sight Alignment
4. Grip
5. Trigger Control
6. Proper Stance
7. Firearms Selection
8. Threat Assessment
9. California law
10. Use of Lethal Force
11. Ammunition and Accessories


woman shooting indoor gun range

Class: Defensive Handgun

Cost: $145

Length: 3 Hours

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Handgun First Steps, Handgun Next Steps (Applicants for this class should have a basic understanding of handgun safety and marksmanship. Applicants should be able to perform basic target shooting, as well demonstrate loading and reloading of magazines into the weapon.)

Required Gear: Personal Handgun or training Glocks,  Minimum of 2 Magazines (4 Magazines preferred), 200-300 Rounds of Ammunition Range Sensible clothing (Closed toe/ closed heal shoes. No high heels and no tank tops) All of the equipment needed for the class is available in our retail store. You can also purchase ammo from us on the day of your course.

Please bring your own eye and ear protection as we do not provide them at this time due to Covid-19. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Requirements: Minimum age of 18 and 41 inches tall, signed waiver (If you have not completed the online waiver Click Here to fill out the form)

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