PWG Range Class

Less Than Lethal (Pepper Spray)

Be Safe and Secure with Non-lethal Force

Do you want to feel safe and secure when using non-lethal force? Pepper spray is an effective defense when properly used. Less Then Lethal, PWG’s latest class, is designed for new shooters and family members that want to learn how to defend themselves in a non-lethal way. For $125, this 3-hour class will focus on:

  • Quality Training from a Certifed PWG Trainer
  • Learn about the effects and operations of Pepper spray
  • Situational and environmental awareness
  • Practical application and deployment

And we will provide you with:

  • Training spray to be used during the class
  • Pepper spray (for your protection)
Less Than Lethal Pepper Spray

Class:  Less Than Lethal (Pepper Spray)

Cost:   $125

Length: 3 Hours

Level:  Beginner

Prerequisites:  None

Requirements: Minimum age of 14 with Parent or Guardian (Age 25 or older), 41 inches tall, signed waiver (If you have not completed the online waiver Click Here to fill out the form)

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