PWG Range Seminar

How To Get Your CCW

We Guide You Through the Application Process

PWG is a proud member and supporter of San Diego County Gun Owners and together we have worked hard to bring California CCWs to San Diego.  We are proud to announce that CCWs are now being issued!  The changes in the CCW process are great, but it is still a process.  We want to help make it easier for you!

We will walk you through the application process, review the range qualification, help you craft your individual “good cause” statement, and show you how PWG can help your before, during, and after the process.  

The seminar will be led by Michael Schwartz from San Diego County Gun Owners and PWG CCW instructors. Sign up quick!  Seating is limited


How To Get Your CCW

Seminar:  How To Get Your Calfornia CCW

Cost: $20 for Non-Members & Members

Length: 1 Hour

Level: All Levels Welcomed!

$30 off the CCW Class
when you compete

How To Get Your California CCW!


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