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Families with Firearms

Educating Children and Parents in a Fun Interactive Environment

If you own a firearm and keep it in your home you need to know how to safely store it and, more importantly, you need to educate everyone in your home of their roles and responsibilities with firearm ownership. Families With Firearms Seminar is designed to educate children and parents alike in a fun and interactive environment that answers:

What do I do if I find mom or dad’s gun in their room?
How do I safely lock up my gun to protect my curious kids?
How do I keep it available for home protection?

If you are a family that values safety and firearm ownership, then the Families With Firearms Seminar is for you! $20 Adult, $30 Couple, children are free!

Get Comfortable Using a Handgun

PWG Range takes great pride in providing an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun for new shooters. Gently introducing concepts, techniques, and skills to those who are looking to take their first steps into the exciting world of shooting sports and personal protection. It doesn’t matter if you are just curious, want to have a fun experience, or you want to start developing a personal safety plan for you and your family. Our experienced instructors are always excited to be your guide and mentor during your journey of owning a firearm.

Class: Families with Firearms

Cost: $20 Adult, $30 Couple, Children are Free!

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Level: Beginner

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